Wandering Sounds

A performance of Gey Pin Ang in collaboration with Nickolai D. Nickolov


Idea/ Text/ Songs                           Gey Pin Ang

Music/ Sound/ Visuals                   Nickolai D. Nickolov

Technical assistance                    Eoin Furbank

Friday, June 10th 2016 at 16.00,  Aphra Theatre (Grimond Building, University of Kent)

* The performance is in English and Chinese languages

Wandering Sounds is created and performed by Gey Pin Ang with the collaboration of Nickolai D. Nickolov, who holds an Electronic Music degree from the Conservatory of Music “Luigi Cherubini” (Florence, Italy). The performance has undergone its development over the three years of Ang’s Practice-as-Research PhD (2013-2016). It interweaves theatre and music, voice and instruments, live performance and visuals. The research is a reflexive investigation of what one’s cultural source might be. Through the performer’s corporeal and vocal embodiment, “speaking-singing” resonates throughout the performance.

This performance is a partial fulfillment of Gey Pin’s PhD in Drama Practice-as-Research. Her thesis “Sourcing Within: a reflexive investigation of a creative path” was under the supervision of Prof. Paul Allain and Dr Angeliki Varakis-Martin.