Sourcing Within 10th anniversary event

Sourcing Within 10th anniversary event in Casa Cares, Tuscany, in  August 2016. Photo in courtesy of the participants and photographer: Nickolai D. Nickolov.


The year 2016 marked our Sourcing Within 10th anniversary since our first work session in Vallenera, Umbria, Italy.  We have organised a  Sourcing Within 10th special event,  August 16-22, 2016, at Casa Cares (Reggello), Tuscany, Italy, comprising of work sessions + performances + family gatherings + Tuscany cuisine.

These brief but rich days in Casa Cares left many impressions behind us and allowed us to contemplate further. We would like to share with you the followings:

“Leaving a trace is the act by which we are granted access to the time of the other, but the meaning of the trace will always overwhelm the purpose, or content, of a specific tracing […] To leave a trace is to make a work that will stand as a gesture of the irreversible past toward the future, where the trace finds it’s “ecstasy.” (Cirauqui 2016: 78-79)

“Everything that constitutes my life with its past and its future is assembled in the present in which things come to me. But it is in the trace of the other that a face shines; what is presented there is absolving itself from my life and visits me as already ab-solute. Someone has already passed. His trace does not signify his past, as it does not signify his labor or his enjoyment in the world; it is a disturbance imprinting itself […] with an unexceptionable gravity. […] The movement of an encounter is not something added to an immobile face; it is in the face itself. A face is of itself a visitation and transcendence. But a face, wholly open, can at the same time be in itself because it is in the trace of illeity. Illeity is the origin of the alterity of being in which the in itself of objectivity participates, while also betraying it.” (Levinas 1987: 358-359)

“The future witness may be oneself, or a surrogate of the self, a stand-in, an analogue ear, but always completely an other, listening to that […] past self.” (Cirauqui 2016: 77)


Here’s a selection of some traces of our past worksessions. We are aware of and have kept the images as they are in their current resolutions; a way to celebrate our 10 years of work together —

“Without flaws, mistakes and imperfections, there wouldn’t be growth and progress”.

Images form various Sourcing Within worksessions.
In courtesy of all participants of these sessions and the photographers: Marc Naya, Nickolai D. Nickolov, Garth Williams and Maciej Zakrzewski.