Performance Workshop Series 2019

1.《玩意 Ⅰ 直观 Ⅰ 体现》工作坊 27/8–30/8 (每节 90min each session)
Performance Workshop “Play Ⅰ Intuition Ⅰ Embodiment”

Conducted by Ang Gey Pin
Assisted by Ranice Tay

For Theatre Beginners/Enthusiasts

Through a mode of Play/Intuition/Embodiment, these sessions intend to uncover the physical and vocal potentialities of participants. Within each session, there will be a theme to guide the participants through a progressive, step-by-step learning experience and embodied practice.

2.《表演者如何“会” 技艺》27/8–30/8 及 3/9–6/9 (每节 180min each session)
A performer’s craft on “know-how”
[实践研究精进工作坊 Practice-Research Seminar]

Conducted by Ang Gey Pin

For Theatre Practitioners

参与者将参与“玩意/直观/体现” (每节180min per session),延续到精进班。
Participants will begin with ‘Play/Intuition/Embodiment’, and continue into this seminar. The emphasis of the seminar will be placed on nurturing in performers a holistic artistic practice. Practitioners will undergo rigorous and concrete work on developing the ‘know-how’ of performance craft. Within each session, there will be a guiding theme to lead participants into a progressive learning experience and embodied practice.

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