A Rejuvenating Self

Sourcing Within New Year Worksessions (Turin, Italy)
27-31 Dec 2019 / 2-6 Jan 2020

Whether you’re a performer, a hobbyist, creative extraordinaire, daydreamer, or Christmas elf — our gift to you is a refreshed bodymind and a joyful singing heart! Come play, dance, move and create with us.

The Rejuvenating Self is a practical seminar conducted by Ang Gey Pin, awakening the vital reservoir within us.

Ang’s teaching emphasizes on the seamless integration of one’s bodymind; the embodiment of one’s soul. This workshop is suitable for those who have practised or who have keen interests in Tai Chi, embodied voice, organic physicality, creativity and beyond. Participants will be guided through a mode of embodied playing/knowing, uncovering their spontaneous responses in structured physical forms; naturally developing their awareness and integrating it into different aspects of their life; leading them towards a rejuvenating living and being. Ang will also draw upon her experience in varied modes of self-care; thus, expanding the scope and dimension of the workshop.