UPDATE: it’s rescheduled for early September 2020 for live streaming!!! Watch this space or Sourcing Within facebook page.

Earlier on, we learnt that the NUS Arts Festival 2020 in Singapore had been cancelled due to DORSCON Orange. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to present Dreamtalk in March due to health safety measures — something that we were very much looking forward to.

And yet, even during this period of uncertainty, we continue to be very grateful for all the support, curiosity, encouragement we’ve received. We hear that there are people who want to watch Dreamtalk in its latest development, so we are finding a way to bring the performance to you in a smaller scale towards end of March 2020. ALSO, we are working for the possibility of staging Dreamtalk at the NUS Asts Festival in the later half of the year.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to nourish your soul — it is often in times like these when we need most to be reminded of our lightness; our shared dreams.

We will be back with more updates and creative callings so stay tuned.

photo: Song Tao for The Straits Times

Here’s our chat about Dreamtalk with NUS Centre For The Arts.