Dreamtalk 話夢 (digital version)

NUS Centre For the Arts (Singapore) presents –

Dreamtalk* 話夢
Written and performed by Ranice Tay and Ang Gey Pin Videography/design by Kow Xiao Jun

4 & 5 Spetember 2020

Dreamtalk 話夢 unfolds in a house of shapeless things, where everything is born and everything wanes. Here, a dreamer is half-asleep, and a rousing guardian stands watch. A journey is waiting in the shadows. In an ever-flowing wind, distant voices and peculiar beings are beckoning, reaching, seeking – and then, passing. And you, peering into this room, might find yourself imprinted when you finally leave.

This is a practice-as-research project currently in its latest phase of development. The performance has, in each phase, evolved with the changing landscapes within us. Organically blending movement, texts and songs, we unravel the transformative potential of the actor’s body. It is a quest to confront the transience of living and ask: Are we willing to see beyond sight? Will we resist, or can we surrender to the flow of life? Are we truly awake, or are we all just passing-by in a dream?

Originally part of the NUS Arts Festival 2020: Ways of Seeing, Dreamtalk 話夢brings together the fresh young talent of NUS Performing Visual Arts Scholar, Ranice Tay, and the seasoned experience of theatre pioneer, Ang Gey Pin. Through a collaboration with spatial/lighting design & videography by Kow Xiao Jun, Dreamtalk 話夢 has been reworked and presented as an intimate online theatre experience that invites you to embrace your inner world. Post show dialogues followed the performances.


We would like to THANK YOU EACH who attended our digital presentations of Dreamtalk with support from NUS Centre For the Arts. And we are very grateful for your feedback and warm words through the virtual chat window, your personal messages after the performance, AND your insightful thoughts and sharings during the post-show sessions.

While many of us long for live performance experience soon again, the current situation for us to present performance through the screen has somehow magically connected each of us.
In live performance, you may be in the audience seats but we (who perform) most of the time cannot see you and may not know who are there.
In virtual presentation (of performance), we know who are there, and can even see some of you throughout the watching process.

AND while each of us watch the performance alone through the screen, each has the chance to immerse in one’s experience (probably more than watching in a theatre, with someone sitting next to us). That’s precious and special ‘time for the self’ attending a performance virtually!

The post-show session of live performance, often can be brief and people may need to rush off after that. In virtual mode of presentation, more people have time to stay and linger around, and the session can go on and on, and it’s insightful and nourishing exchanges as we have more time with each others.

Now that you have seen the digital version of our work, we thought to share with you some moments of our shooting sessions and images from the performance. Have a good continuation chasing your own dream journey.

**For those of you who for some reasons have missed our digital presentations, please contact us for what you have missed. Thank you 😊

PREVIEW: Thank you Ong Sor Fern, The Straits Times

REVIEW: Thank you Beverly Yuen