Ode to a Famished Existence (Phase 1)

~ an arts-in-development by Sourcing Within ensemble

ONLINE presentation: 27 & 28 November 2021

Guided/Directed by Ang Gey Pin

Dramaturgy led by Ranice Tay with the ensemble

Performers: Ranice Tay, Eleanor Ee, Michelle Hariff, Joel Low, Voon Ee Sing

Videography: Ang Gey Pin

Video editors: Michelle Hariff /Eleanor Ee

Stage manager: Michelle Hariff

Special thanks to Studio Circuler for providing venue support


Review by Beverly Yuen

Amongst the impressions for the work are:

‘It’s been some time since I have seen performance and actor’s work of this nature, refreshing to explore performance and body, almost soul searching like of the actor. Kudos! I hope to see this performance or other performance by this group in real life. Good work.’—Rei Poh, Acting Programme Leader, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

‘What a performance and what an ensemble!…it engages me from the first moment. And the performers, each of them with their own unique character and qualities. What you are doing is very strong and I always enjoy your ritualistic style, the choice of texts where each word matters and of course the use of voice that comes from deep within.’—Judita Vivas, Co-director, Foxtale Ensemble, UK

‘Congratulations. Wonderful performance. I am deeply moved and touched by the presentation. Thank you so much, Gey Pin. Thank you very much to the actresses and actor involved in the creative team.’—Giselle Cecchini, Adjunt Professor, Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel), Brazil

‘i really enjoyed the performance and i loved how much life flowed through it. the commitment of everyone to the essence of the work was so obvious,…i was so moved because it really gave voice to both the parts of me that is sometimes mired in doubt and disillusionment, and the parts of me that want to bask in the beauty of the work.’—Wong Jinyi, student, Intercultural Theatre Institute

‘Thank you for the performance. It is hard for me to put into words how exactly it has affected me. It spoke to my heart. My body was singing with you. And it was so enjoyable to observe the work of the performance, in such harmony.’—Desislava Hristova, Performer/Astrologer (Bulgaria)

‘Great energy from the ensemble with evident potential…the sense of knowing clearly where they are in all aspects of the performance, a sense of clarity in purpose. Very good choice of topic – food, hunger, famished and the state of art and being. ‘—Nelson Chia, AD, Nine Years Theatre

‘The rawness of the form, it’s so powerful. 真的好久都沒有這麼感受到演員的能量,這個還是通過鏡頭啊!甚至沒有任何燈光、佈景等元素,瞬間讓我回到了真正的劇場。。。沉澱、感受演员的能量以及身與聲創造出的美妙交響樂。。还有,一鏡到底感覺很強欸!’—Seng Soon Ming, AD,卜卜剧场 Pitapat Theatre

‘There’s raw energy that I can’t take my eyes away from (partly due to pretty good use of camera movement, but largely due to the magnetism and energy of the performers that could even be felt through the screen) which I applaud you for and thoroughly enjoyed…There was also a strong sense of vulnerability at many points in the performance which conveyed the sincerity of your group’s exploration of what it means to exist in a famished state.’—Ashley Wong, an audience member

‘一开始我得用大脑思考,去猜测演员们的行为和目的。但后来渐渐的适应其随机性的流动。。这部剧与我自身有强大的共鸣,针对存在的意义的饥渴。 所谓famished existence是我们每个人都渴望着了解自己存在的意义,永恒的路途。”—陈豪锐,青少儿广播演艺组 Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble