In Transit & TDTBTF (Time Edition)

Presented at Islands Time-based Arts Festival 2022, Aliwal Arts Centre

“In Transit 过渡”

~ a solo performance by Ang Gey Pin with artistic dramaturgy by Ranice Tay

15 January 2022, 7PM

With a bag, I set foot everywhere in any season.

When the world stopped, the bag rested too.

When the sun rises, it knocks and wakes me up for another travel. Imploring for a flight, a conversation begins, and another journey unfolds itself…Am I in transit? Or perhaps that I have just passed by?

That Day That Book That Fell (Time Edition) by Ranice Tay and Ang Gey Pin

19 January 2022, 8:30PM

Born out of the need for continuous practice, this piece was premiered at The Remembering Resource (II) [Theatre OX traces and archives] presented by Grain Performance and Research Lab.

This Time Edition at ITBA Festival was back to ‘LIVE’ performing!!! A version seeking time via ‘Time’.

The story begins when the Soul was trapped in Time. The book of emptiness is both brimming and silent, reflecting our desires back to us. In the imagination of Time, the Soul leaps through unseen gates, at each turn meeting a layer of herself. Conversations arise — between attendant of Time and self. What is real? Where do we place our reverence? A journey told through poetry, dance, movements, songs…

photo credits @ Lim Weixiang