Earlier phases of Ang’s performative works

Publications by Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento

1.  Crossing Cultural Borders Through the Actor’s Work: Foreign Bodies of Knowledge

A sophisticated analysis of how the intersection of technique, memory, and imagination inform performance, Crossing Cultural Borders Through the Actor’s Work redirects the intercultural debate by focusing exclusively on the actor at work. Alongside the perspectives of otherprominent intercultural actors, this study draws from original interviews with Ang Gey Pin (formerly with the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards) and Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret). By illuminating the hidden creative processes usually unavailableto outsiders–the actor’s apprenticeship, training, character development, and rehearsals—Nascimento both reveals how assumptions based on race or ethnicity are misguiding, trouble definitions of intra- and intercultural practices, and details how performance analyses and claims of appropriation fail to consider the permanent transformation of the actor’s identity that cultural transmission and embodiment represent.

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2.  Calls for Remembrance: At Work with Traditional Chants

This article discusses the dynamic relationship between ritualistic behaviours, traditional materials and performativity as it examines how work with traditional chants may affect the practitioner’s mode of presence. It specifically draws from observations on the performances of Singaporean actor Ang Gey Pin in the Workcenter’s One Breath Left and Polish theatre company Teatr ZAR’s Gospels of Childhood. Each brings chants from very distinct cultural cradles – the Chinese diaspora and isolated Eastern European regions around the Black Sea, respectively. The study also traces a parallel between this vein of research and older artistic forms intended for the oral transmission of knowledge and traditions, such as Islamic philosopher Avicenna’s recitals.

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3.  Of Tent Shows and Liturgies: One breath left: Dies Iræ

4.  Folhetim 18

Teatro do pequeno Gesto

One breath left: diálogo entre o estrangeiro e o familiar no trabalho do ator


photo courtesy of The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings, from the book “Crossing Cultural Borders Through the Actor’s Work: Foreign Bodies of Knowledge” by Nascimento