Sourcing Within Worksession

Since 2006, Sourcing Within Worksessions have been organised in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, UK., USA.

Sourcing Within, initiated by Gey Pin Ang, comprises of extensive collaborations and worksessions with international performing artists. Up to this day, it has created and inter-connected a network of multi-national actors, dancers, musicians, directors and teachers. These artists, who have been of multi-lingual and multi-cultural backgrounds, seek practical research and exchanges of knowledge and performance craft through participating in intensive worksessions with Sourcing Within.

Ang conducts an intensive research within her theatre practice, which is in parallel to her training in Taijiquan. Her work concerns finding a creative way of non-effort, flow and life in the work of a performer.  Through the practical worksession, she introduces to fellow artists, a natural source within our body through steps of practical working.

Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese body technique, which sources a vital reservoir within our body, a ‘little universe’. In this worksession, Ang will guide participants towards developing an awareness to the creative process that integrates performer’s physical and vocal capacity. The participants will be guided to discover a mode of working– with flow, intention, aliveness, non-effort, details, and clarity through contact with working partners.

Elements are drawn mainly from Taijiquan; from understanding the principles of this ancient technique to its potentiality in our creative way as artists. The vocal work centres on the constant sharpening of our hearing in attune to our heart. Each participant will propose and create an individual creative work in relation to their learning, in the spirit of this ancient technique. Ang will investigate along with the artists into how a creative work engages, lives and flows within our vital life, in a liberating way; leading us nearer to ‘creativity’, in its original sense.


Sourcing Within

Sourcing Within worksession conducted by Ang Gey Pin, 2008-2011, foto by Nickoai D. Nickolov, Garth Williams, Maciej ZakrzewskiSourcing Within worksession conducted by Ang Gey Pin

above: (from left) Casa Laboratorio Vallenera, Italy, 2011, photo credit: Nickolai D. Nickolov /Garth Williams

below: (from left) Meeting with Remarkable Women Project, Grotowski Institute, Poland, 2009 / Grotowski Institute, Poland, 2008, photo credit: Maciej Zakrzewski