Students’ testimonies

Students’ testimonies on Gey Pin Ang’s teaching at Falmouth University, UK, during their Enhancement program, January 2017


…I learnt how useful it is to feel the inner voice and flow with it.

Incredible energy, play and creation free from judgement…her work is of the highest quality and unapologetically joyful. I cannot recommend her enough.

Incredibly passionate and energetic, gave a full body workout just from moving – allowed me to connect more with my body, being able to use it to affect my speech and voice.

Her energy as a performer and a director was lovely to have in the room. Honestly really instilled passion and fun into me as an artist.

…Her approach to moving and devising, her method of making work through the body was different to what we’ve seen before.

Amazing energy, very new in content and definitely a treat to be able to work with her…she is very very well read/knowledgeable in her field/the field.

‘Forced’ us to give everything to our practice, without it feeling too difficult…her participation and play with us enabled us to give more. One on one work helped improve significantly in people’s body awareness.