Bird’s Inn (2007~2009)



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Bird’s Inn with the direction of Ang Gey Pin, under Meeting with Remarkable Women Project (2009), Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland, photo Maciej Zakrzewski


Out of individual need and urge, a self-study on performer’s craft and skill was initiated in 2007 by some worksession participants under the direction of Ang Gey Pin.  After which, it became intensive work meetings, once every some months, in Italy and Poland. 

The work, initiated by an interest and research on language and communication of birds, finds its gradual development which later titled as Bird’s Inn.  It has been worked and presented within different worksessions conducted by Ang Gey Pin or within residencies hosted by organisations such as Orma Fluens (Italy), Casa Laboratorio Vallenera (Italy), Grotowski Insitute (Wroclaw, Poland), Meeting With Remarkable Women Project directed by Virginie Magnat (Canada).

The last version of Bird’s Inn is performed by Marian Araujo (Spain/Ireland), Fernanda Branco (Brazil/Norway), Riccardo Brunetti (Italy), Sonia Pastrovicchio (Italy) and Dario Valtancoli (Italy/Spain) under Meeting With Remarkable Women Project, 2009, at Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland.

Previous versions of this work involved also performer Daniela Altieri (Italy/South America)