Sourcing Within 内溯

Initiated by ANG Gey Pin, Sourcing Within 内溯 is a network of international performing artists and scholars comprises of extensive collaborations and theatrical work sessions of intercultural, inter-lingual and interdisciplinary levels.  It is a practice-based, experiential-driven worksession for practitioners of performance and embodied practices.  Intended as a platform to promote continuous research and practice, it has drawn world-wide attention from practitioners who sought on-going practice by unearthing their innate capacities through embodied practice, investigation, creating and performing innovative works.
Since the founding of Sourcing Within 内溯 in 2006, Taijiquan has been a main source of our workession. Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese bodymind discipline; potentially a vital reservoir within us. Based on Gey Pin’s long practice and research, the worksession intends to introduce to the participants the key principles and potentialities of this source technique within the creative process of an actor and dancer. Participants will be guided through a mode of embodied research, practice, playing and knowing through their spontaneous responses; naturally developing their awareness and integrating it into their physical/vocal presence as performers.

The practical sessions of investigation involve:
• Physical work that emphasises in the search of flow, intention, rootedness, aliveness, non-effort, clarity, details and intuitive contacts within oneself, with others and in the space.
• Voice work that centres on a care of the self via an active search, with constant sharpening of our hearings and intuitive responses, attuning to our deeper needs and associations.
• Individual performative work created in relation to the various elements learned in this worksession. The aim is for each to explore on how one can engage, flow and live within one’s vital life, in a liberating and nourishing way; and in turn, building this freedom onto a performative context.


 “I have seen many participants returned to our sessions after our first work encounter. These rather short days of intensive workshop always yield to many participants’ needs for further work. It always take me by great surprise to see the growth and evolution in these artists; whom many have made their way to second, third, or more times of on-going practice. This, often, has stimulated their fellow artists with greater hunger for their own artistic growth and further craftsmanship.

There is a sense of continuous ‘work contact’ even after an artist has completed the work session. One might develop and deepen one’s practice even in distance away from Sourcing Within. Conscience lies in the one who continues to nourish the creative ‘seed’ after our work encounters, in whatever landscape one finds oneself to be; despite the difference of ‘soil’ and ‘climate’.

Other than these intensive work sessions, my work often takes place within the academic institutions, of relatively longer duration. Many beginners in performing arts demonstrated incredible receptivity and playfulness in class. Often I find myself reflecting and contemplating upon their participation. They seem to be my young ‘selves’. I breathe along with each of their steps; irresistibly looking back to what lies in my own beginning through these steps.”

(Ang Gey Pin, 2012)