Resounding Voices (2016)

With Gey Pin Ang and Nickolai D. Nickolov

A Concert Monday 20 June @7.30pm, Western Crypt, Canterbury Cathedral

A Workshop Tuesday 21 June @5.30 & 7pm, Lunch Room, Cathedral Lodge

Experience how embodied singing and instrumental exploration might change our experience of the Western Crypt. The first part of the concert comprises songs and music from Ang’s research at the University of Kent in collaboration with Nickolov. Then the audience (or those who are keen) will be invited to participate in a vocal exploration guided by the artists.

The workshop combines active listening through the individual’s vocal improvisations in relation to others and the immediate surroundings. This mode of embodied singing and musicking is for singers, actors, musicians, performance students and anyone keen to explore voice work.

Led by Gey Pin Ang, a Singaporean theatre practitioner/teacher in embodied voice research based at the University of Kent, with instrumental and digital musical accompaniment by Nickolai D. Nickolov (Bulgaria/Italy).

From her early experience in choral singing and traditional Chinese Orchestra practice to her extensive research in embodied voice practice, Ang’s approach is deeply connected to the artist’s organic and instinctive responses. Nickolov, a Bulgarian musician, began his musical study in the classical guitar. Later he explored and developed his research in a combination of Jazz, Blues and Sound Arts through live performance and digital composition. Ang and Nickolov have collaborated and performed together internationally in diverse indoor and outdoor spaces since 2006.


Part of Questions of Space, a Festival of Ideas, a collaboration between the University of Kent and Canterbury Cathedral. See more here