Resounding Voices (2016-2018)

A concert with Gey Pin Ang (singer) and Nickolai D. Nickolov (musician)

Gey Pin Ang (Singapore/Europe) is a theatre practitioner who investigates physical and vocal work through her performance practice and pedagogy. Her approach in embodied voice practice is deeply connected to one’s organic, instinctive responses and memories. Ang’s research draws from an associative connection to her Chinese roots through which she unearths her innate voice in her performance.

Nickolai D. Nickolov (Bulgaria/Italy) is a musician, composer and guitarist. He explores and develops his work through researching and combining various music influences/fields (Jazz, Blues, Ethnic Music, Sonic Arts, Contemporary music and more) in his live performance and compositions. He employs different approaches in idiosyncratic way for music making such as extended instrumental techniques, live electronics as well as traditional instruments and diverse modes of playing.

Examining the “musicality” (Roesner 2014) through constant listening and responding in relation to the architectural, acoustic, and communal space, the concert Resounding Voices is a coalescence of Ang’s embodied singing in Chinese folk songs with instrumental music (blues, ethnic melodies and beyond) by Nickolov.

In 2016, the concert was first premiered at Western Crypt, Canterbury Cathedral, United Kingdom, as part of Questions of Space, a Festival of Ideas, a collaboration between the University of Kent and Canterbury Cathedral.

photos by Angela Botta

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