Feast of You Shen (2008~2009)

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Ang Gey Pin, Dario Valtancoli and Nickolai D. Nickolov in Feast of You Shen 2009, Meeting With Remarkable Women Project, Wroclaw, Poland, photo Maciej Zakrzewski


Feast of You Shen is a work with performative elements in which Ang Gey Pin associated from her Chinese tradition.  She wrote and montaged stories and memories from her growing up with traditional Chinese theatre, her family culture and dreams and thoughts from actual life encounters.

From its initial phase in 2008 as a solo performer’s work together with live music of Nickolai D. Nickolov, Feast of You Shen, finds its development with another performer Dario Valtancoli at its later phase of collaboration in 2009.  This has expanded its dramaturgical and performative aspect, showering with diverse layers of colours, tones and intensities.

Different versions of this work have been presented in Esposi Festival (Italy 2008), Grotowski Institute (Poland 2008/ 2009), Casa Laboratorio Vallenera (Italy 2009), Laboratorio de Arte en Vivo (Spain 2009) and Teatro Varasanta (Colombia 2009).