Wandering.Birds (2010~2011)

With a common interest rooted in the research on the actor’s craft, theatre arts, music and songs, international collaborators of Sourcing Within, under the direction of Ang Gey Pin, often come together through constant intensive work sessions and theatrical presentations.  They would research on certain themes of interest, investigated their differences, drew from their own cultures / traditions, and dialogued with inspiring works of theatre, film, dance and finally devised and created their work.

Wandering.Birds is one of such collaborations led and directed by Ang.  Collaborators include musician Nickolai D. Nickolov (Bulgaria/Italy), performers Marian Araujo (Spain/Ireland), Riccardo Brunetti (Italy) and Sonia Pastrovicchio (Italy).   It was premiered at Teatro Akropolis, Genoa, Italy, March 2011.

Sonia Pastrovicchio, Riccardo Brunetti, Ang Gey Pin and Marian Araujo in Wandering.Birds, March 2011, Teatro Akropolis, Genoa, Italy, photo of Fotocarasciò of Giusi Lorelli


In April 2011, Wandering.Birds further developed in collaboration with stage designer Lim Weiling (Singapore) and lighting designer Gabriel Chan (Singapore).

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Wandering.Birds, April 2011, Esplanade, Singapore, photos captured by Nickolai D. Nickolov from video by Lim Weiling


Wandering.Birds, April 2011, Esplanade, Singapore

directed by  Ang Gey Pin (Singapore/Europe)

performed by  Marian Araujo (Spain/Ireland), Riccardo Brunetti (Italy), Sonia Pastrovicchio (Italy), Ang Gey Pin

music by  Nickolai D. Nickolov (Bulgaria/Italy)

stage designed by  Lim Weiling (Singapore)

lighting designed by  Gabriel Chan (Singapore)

Wandering.Birds by Sourcing Within Project is commissioned by Esplanade-Theatre on the Bay and supported by Kuo Pao Kun Foundation for the Singapore premiere in April 2011 as part of The Studios series, Esplanade