“After 15” 《15后》

Join us for Sourcing Within’s 15th anniversary event (2021) Conceived by Ang Gey Pin, with the assistance of Ranice Tay 1) “Night Journey” series For practitioners in Singapore tinyurl.com/nightjour 2) “Performer’s Virtual-Physical Presence” ONLINE workshop For International practitioners tinyurl.com/virtuphysi 3) “Far Perspectives” ONLINE screening of performances For ALL tinyurl.com/perspe Images: Theatre OX archive


UPDATE: it’s rescheduled for early September 2020 for live streaming!!! Watch this space or Sourcing Within facebook page. Earlier on, we learnt that the NUS Arts Festival 2020 in Singapore had been cancelled due to DORSCON Orange. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to present Dreamtalk in March due to health safety…